Cute things to say to your girlfriend: Every one of us loves his girlfriend from the core of his heart. Below are the 100 cute things that one can say to his girlfriend.

Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
  1. I love your eyes.
  2. You make me feel comfortable.
  3. When I see you its the best sight I can ever have.
  4. Can you even imagine how much I love you?
  5. I am lucky to have you.
  6. You have changed my life.
  7. You are treasure of my life.
  8. I cannot have anything more worthy than you.
  9. You are so beautiful.
  10. Your eyes are deep as sea.
  11. I like your smile
  12. You make me feel safe.
  13. You are everything I wished for.
  14. God has created you for me.
  15. God probably made you in leisure.
  16. I need you badly.
  17. You are everything I need.
  18. I know love because of you.
  19. I want you forever.
  20. I want you in every step of my life.
  21. I can’t live without you.
  22. I have fallen in love with your lips.
  23. The way you smile is making my day.
  24. When you smile I feel like it rained with red rose petals.
  25. I am born for you.
  26. We are a heaven made couple.
  27. I cannot wait to meet you.
  28. Time spent with you is my favorite.
  29. I hardly spend my day without seeing you.
  30. I love cuddling with you.
  31. I love holding your hand.
  32. I love kissing your cheeks.
  33. I love listening your heartbeat.
  34. My heart beats resembles your steps.
  35. You are sweetest of all people close to me.
  36. I enjoy my time with you.
  37. I can stay awake whole night seeing you.
  38. I love talking to you.
  39. You are my life.
  40. I love waking up next to you.
  41. A morning without you is pale.
  42. Every moment is lovely when being with you.
  43. You are reason of my smile.
  44. Good morning beautiful girl.
  45. You are beautiful even you are sleeping.
  46. I love sitting beside you and watch movie.
  47. Watching you before sleep is a good omen for my sweet dreams.
  48. Your smile melts my heart.
  49. Your skin is so soft.
  50. You have expressive eyes.
  51. I miss you when you are away.
  52. I feel depress when you are out of my sight.
  53. I love the burnt bread made by you.
  54. I can eat anything you cook for me.
  55. I feel proud when I am on knees before you.
  56. You are the reason behind my success.
  57. I can sit beside you and watch you my whole life.
  58. I can guess you by sound of your feet.
  59. I can recognize your eyes in million.
  60. You are making the world beautiful to me.
  61. I will chose you instead of breathing.
  62. Your one look is more precious than anything.
  63. Knowing you has changed my life.
  64. Your love has made me human in true sense.
  65. I feel you as my responsibility.
  66. I love taking care of you.
  67. I love walking side by side you.
  68. I will always love you till my last breathe.
  69. I keep on praying to get you.
Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
  1. Listening your heartbeat is my pleasure.
  2. I can stare you forever if you let me do so.
  3. You are reason behind the disappearance of my sadness.
  4. You showed me the way to spend life.
  5. I love dancing with you.
  6. I love seeing you dancing.
  7. I love your voice.
  8. I can talk to you on phone for hours without hanging up.
  9. You are my entire world.
  10. I love the mole on your fore lips.
  11. I like you no matter what you wear.
  12. I kiss my pillow thinking of your each night.
  13. You look stunning when wear shorts.
  14. You have arrested me in your love.
  15. You are my love at first sight.
  16. I wish to be your lipstick to stay with your lips forever.
  17. You are my sweetheart.
  18. I feel like drinking even if you serve me a glass of water.
  19. When I see you, I cannot keep off my view on you.
  20. You are the best thing I have in life.
  21. When I feel sad I think of you to be happy.
  22. I love putting my head on your stomach.
  23. I love hugging you.
  24. I love the way you shake your head.
  25. I like your gestures.
  26. A day without you is like a day without sleep.
  27. My nights are restless without talking to you.
  28. Time has no value until you are with me.
  29. You are my sunshine.
  30. You are my biggest wish.
  31. My heartbeat increase when you smile on my lame jokes.

These are the 100 Cute things to say to your girlfriend for getting more love.