DARES FOR KIDS: Kids like to play games anytime. It can be any outdoor game such as bat ball, swimming, running, and etc. in the same way there are a number of indoor games you can play with your kids.

Just imagine a snowy day and night in your area. And your children want to play some games with you. Well in such situation the best game for your family is truth and dare.

In this game, you and your children can have a lot of fun. In addition, it will also help you in knowing your child’s inside. Because in this game truth is something that is to be true in reality. You cannot lie in the game. Similarly, the dares will help you to find the hidden talent of the kids. The game with them will be interesting, fun, and the best time passer.

In this article, I am going to provide a list of 50 plus dare for kids. These dares are going to burst you in laughter and will give you some of the most memorable moments of the life.

So sit in a circle, wave the bottle, and here we go with the list of dares for kids

    1. Act something like Mickey Mouse.
    2. Act like Bugs Bunny.
    3. Lick a piece of lemon for ten times.
    4. Eat a piece of cake without using hands.
    5. Eat a chocolate bar, using no hands.
    6. Act like a mad.
    7. Act like a beggar.
    8. Dance madly.
    9. Do mimicry of your favorite teacher.
    10. Act like your teacher who scolds you the most.
    1. Stand on one leg for 3 minutes.
    2. Break an egg on your head.
    3. Eat a spoon of salt.
    4. Do mimicry of your mom.
    5. Do mimicry of your dad.
    6. Dance on one leg.
    7. Act like a Monkey.
    8. Act like a Cat.
    9. Bark like a dog.
    10. Sing ABC in reverse.
    11. Draw a picture with eyes closed.
    12. Ping a ball without stopping for ten times.
    13. Peel a banana with your teeth.
    14. Count from 50 to 1, backward.
    15. Sing a poem with actions.
    16. Put for Ice cubes on your head and dance.
  1. Dance fast on a slow track.
  2. Do makeup using eyeshade, lipstick, and blush on.
  3. Put nail color to your nails. (A good one for boys)
  4. Wear a girls’ frock and dance.
  5. Type a text message with eyes closed.
  6. Recognize three colors rightly without seeing them.
  7. Drink a cold glass of water without pausing in between.
  8. Eat a hamburger in one minute.
  9. Lick a piece of chocolate cake without using hand and seeing.
  10. Skip the rope for 15 times.
  11. Remove the wrapper of a candy using your teeth.
  12. Say this tongue twister for five times “She should shun the shining sun.”
  13. Drink a cup of milk without stopping.
  14. Dance, saying I am a disco dancer.
  15. Act like your granny.
  16. Wear your socks in your hands.
  17. Put your daddy’s shirt and walk like him.
  18. Eat something spicy.
  19. Draw your mustache and beard without a look at the mirror.
  20. Write a sentence on a computer without looking at the key board.
  21. Write ABC on a paper with eyes closed.
  22. Walk like a Frog.
  23. Act like a dead.
  24. Do something like Halloween.
  25. Eat a spoon of hot sauce.
  26. Go outside, and bring some snow from the door step.
  27. Be a pet of any player for the rest of the game.
  28. Dress your pet.
  29. Eat three different cookies together.
  30. Rock the floor without music.
  31. Crack two new jokes.
  32. Sing a song.
  33. Speak everything in a way of singing.
  34. Find out the pen hidden in the room.
  35. Style your hairs without seeing in the mirror.
  36. Cry like babies.
  37. Crawl like babies in the room for five minutes.
  38. Call a random number and insists for a Pizza delivery.
  39. Talk non-stop for three minutes.
  40. Kiss the person sitting right to you.
  41. Roar like a lion.
  42. Make sounds like a goat.
  43. Eat one sour and one sweet candy at the same time.
  44. Act like Mr. President.
  45. Act like a bridegroom.
  46. Shave, as your father does.
  47. Walk like a robot.
  48. Talk like a robot.
  49. Put your finger on the lips for the rest of the game.
  50. Stammer like babies.
  51. Talk but don’t move your lips.
  52. Touch your nose with your tongue for 10 times.
  53. Make three sentences beginning with “how do”
  54. Make a loud fart.
  55. Act Snoring.
  56. Wrap your head with tissue paper.
  57. Cry loudly.
  58. Sit in front of the window and sing a song to every passerby.
  59. Wave your hand to all walking passengers.
  60. Step backward till the other room.
  61. Move in a circle for 10 times.
  62. Put your hands up and dance.
  63. Act like Kevin of the Home Alone.
  64. Draw a sketch with a pencil in your mouth.
  65. Blow five balloons with your head.
  66. Move in the whole room on your knees.
  67. Act like a model
  68. Walk, as you are on a catwalk.
  69. Walk, tying your laces of the both shoes.
  70. Where a big bag and run.
  71. Wear wet socks.
  72. Eat a spoon of Nutella and sing a song.
  73. Act as a peacock.
  74. Make sounds like Donkey.
  75. Eat something you hate.
  76. Lick your nose.
  77. Lick your elbow.
  78. Whistle to three passengers going on their way.
  79. Act your favorite scene of a movie.
  80. Recognize the voice of person in the movie played. (You can play a movie scene or a 3D film as well)
  81. Act like your favorite Wrestler.
  82. Mop the floor of the room. (You can give a toy mop for it)
  83. Look in the dustbin and name five things which are inside it.