25+ Games which you can play without Wifi: Have you ever thought of the games which you can play without the Wifi. If you haven’t thought until yet, then yes, there are numerous games which you can play without any Wifi. Such games are offering you a flexibility to be played when you are not connected to a Wifi. There are numerous of the developer who have actually made such games to enable people play their favorite games offline. The following are the top 25+ Games which you can play without Wifi:

  1. Bad Land

Bad Land is a 2D game which has a theme of a beautiful forest having different residents. The game is regarding the survival in the forest as there is something awfully wrong with the forest. In the game one of the dweller has to find what is going wrong in the forest and there are also numerous other imaginative traps making very attractive for the players. 

  1. Minecraft Pocket Addition

This is made by Mojang and is known for its adventure and is allowing the players to have their creativity mixed in to make outcomes. There is no wifi needed in games and this is allowing you for making your own virtual world, where you can make bridges, buildings, clouds, and other things.

  1. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is an action game which is very popular among common people who love to play. The game is having kung fu styled fighting allowing the players to make aerobic kicks, moves, and have some lethal weapons as well.

  1. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 is a new game which is having extra ordinary graphics and is basically a racing game. It is heavy and can only be played on smartphones and tablets having bigger ram and rom. It has numerous actions such as stunts, arcades, and aircraft carriers etc.

  1. Despicable Me

Despicable me is based on the movie despicable me, having the funny characters of minions. It is about collecting the bananas. The player has to jump over the hurdles and collect bananas to make points.

  1. Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Six guns: gang showdown is an amazing action game and is the other version of six guns. This is created by loft. The game has collectively 40 missions which must be completed by the players. This is full of action and adventure.

  1. Hill Climb Racing 2

The hill climb racing 2 is another in the category of no wifi games. This is an upgrade of the exiting hill climb . You have to drive the vehicle up the hill and perform different actions such as back flips and free fall etc.

  1. Brain it On: Physics Puzzles

This is best for those who likes to challenge their mental abilities. This is based on physics concepts which you have to answer. This is purely based on the knowledge and creativity of the player.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies 2

This is second version of plants vs. zombies. The game is of arcade genre and the players have to save their plants from the attacks of zombies. There are different capabilities of the plants such as watermelon launching and corn missiles etc.

  1. Infinity Loop

The infinity loop is combining the relaxation and simplicity. This is involving the interconnection of different shapes and curves for making it simple and easy. There are different modes of the game, such as in the dark mode you have to complete the shape in the form of the individual components.

  1. Fruit Ninja

Fruit ninja is a fantastic game having a theme to cut fruits with the help of a blade. There are different modes of the game. In one mode, you have to cut as many fruits as possible while in other mode you have to cut fruits escaping the bombs.

  1. Pick one Word

This is about guessing the right words which are against some pictures. Some of the words are already given as the hints while you have to guess the remaining alphabets to complete the word.

  1. Temple Run

Temple run is a unique. which players can player for hours without getting bored. There are numerous characters which can be unlocked with gems or by leveling up. The players have to collect coins and gems while running through way escaping hurdles.

  1. Alto’s Adventure

The game has unique graphics and is very interesting. The theme of the game is extra ordinary as it has sun set and sunrise etc. The player has to go down through snowboard.

  1. Swamp Attack

The game is having the main character of swamp attack who is alone and has no companions. A strange virus is hitting the inhabitants and the character has to fight to save the lives. The best thing in the game is a shot gun for saving yourself from wild animals.

  1. Bomb Squad

This is a multi-players game which can be played without any wifi connection. The game is having an aim to destroy the entire enemies with bombs, wits, and fists. The player of the game has to participate in different activities such as battles and races etc.

  1. Asphalt Nitro

This is a car racing game which is very popular. The game has numerous routes which can be selected by the players as per their choices. On different tracks, there are different opportunities for the players to cut the path, and make different moves. The game has a total of 8 modes.

  1. Racing Moto

The game has a simple theme where the main moto is to making racing. The player can see the road through a window of a motorcycle where all vehicles are moving. The player has to go through the road without having an accident.

  1. Earn to Die

The game is a 2 dimensional racing themed having players to drive through devastated roads and avoid different obstacles to remain alive. On the right side of the screen, there are buttons for gas and turbo acceleration, and buttons for maneuvering by the car are on the left side of the screen. These buttons can be used for performing different functions.

  1. Traffic Rider

The game is unique of its kind as the player has to move through the busy road avoiding collision with the vehicles on the road. There are more than 30 motorcycles which a player can ride in the game.

  1. Paper Toss

The paper toss is a simple game having a very simple aim of tossing a roll of paper in to the basket. There are different settings of the game to recreate different places in the real life. A player can play the game in any of such scenarios to enjoy the game.

  1. Angry Birds 2

The angry birds 2 is the latest version of the old classic angry bird game. The player has to throw different birds on to the pigs to remove them from their place and earn points. There is a new feature of schticks in the game which is used for choosing different birds in different levels.

  1. Dark Sword

The dark sword is a hero themed game which incorporates fights with a dark dragon. There are different levels of the game and with passing each level the mode is getting hard to achieve success. The control system in which is perfectly adapted to devices with touch screens. The graphics of the game are fantastic.

  1. Really Bad Chess

The game is based on the real life game chess. The game can be considered as the worst chess game that a player can ever play. The levels of the game are not chose randomly for you but the levels are chosen for you based on your past performance. Therefore, you need to do well, otherwise you will get in trouble.

  1. Star Wars: KNIGHT

The star wars game is inspired from the movie star wars. The game has extra ordinary sound effects and graphics. The theme of the game is looking life a real life scenario where the players are imagining themselves as the real characters of the star wars and play game to get success. Combat is round-based instead of action-based, meaning you select your target and the character takes care of the rest.